Websilk’s experience has proven its market leadership position in the following critical areas:

  • Digital strategy
    Websilk seeks to empower organisations with a commanding understanding of what it is that you do best. Better than anyone else. Once your true identity is discovered, we show you how to deliver this message and with the most impact.

    It may sound simple, but when you know what you do best you can awaken a sense of belief that can inspire an organisation or campaign to new heights.
  • Responsive design
    Leading organisations in Australia are already seeing more than half of their website visitors coming from mobile phones and tablets.

    It is vital that your customers have the best possible experience and feel engaged with your organisation. Websilk have been pioneers in Responsive design and can create elegant experiences on all devices.
  • Social media strategy
    With the right social media strategies organisations can have conversations, engage with, and build relationships with their target market.

    Social media enables people within organisations to create communications that encourage feedback, participation, and instill brand loyalty. This allows you to reach and energise old and new audiences.
  • Accessibility compliance
    It is increasingly important every member of society has equal access to all websites. Many rely on magnification and screen reading technologies which require websites to be implemented according to specific standards.

    Websilk is highly passionate about web accessibility and can ensure your site meets WCAG 2.0 standards.
  • Donations management
    Every fundraising campaign is different. A prime example is the Carols by Candlelight’s campaign. By carefully designing the donor’s experience, Websilk boosted the number of people donating by more than 200% and increased the value of donations by more than 300%.

    Websilk also specialises in peer-to-peer (P2P) fundraising and the remittance processing of online donations.
  • Integrated marketing
    The internet allows for the most connectivity and reach of any medium ever created.

    Websilk delivers market insights, guides new products to market, and communicates messages through social media, advertising and cross channel marketing strategies.
  • Data collection and analysis
    Websilk are experts at collecting data for Government and Research based organisations. We perform Surveys, Assessments and complex testing programs, which include live reporting, statistical analysis, quantitative and qualitative reports.
  • Data modelling
    We turn your data into useful business tools. We are experts in data analysis, customer insights as well as design and IT.

    We dig into your business information, and turn it into a web application that empowers your customers to make better informed decisions. We turn your data into practical knowledge - in a user friendly way.
  • Workflow-driven business applications
    Many cutting edge applications rely on understanding how to design and implement online workflow systems.

    Websilk utilises our skills across user journeys, training simulations, large-scale data collection and within sophisticated web applications.