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Corporate Website & Product Catalogue ACMEDA product designers and engineers produce innovation in the areas of enhanced features, minimalistic design and precision quality – this was something we focused on honouring in the web design project.


ACMEDA’s challenge was providing their complex segmented audience with the appropriate information in the most intuitive way possible. It was important the site operated as a marketing tool that positioned their products correctly in the market, whilst at the same time housed all appropriate information for trades people that use the products – including specification documents, user guides etc. This content then had to be easily to edit in the back end CMS and packaged up for display in a simple and visually appealing way.


Websilk undertook the challenge of combining ACMEDA’s marketing efforts and large product catalogue into a website for window furnishing installers to browse the ACMEDA range for guides, part numbers, installation manuals etc. This was accomplished through the clever use of the Sitefinity 8 platform enabling Websilk to build a robust website that orders, organises and presents their entire product range.

The site is fully responsive enabling installers to quickly browse through guides, part numbers and product manuals on their desktops or out on the job using their tablet or phone.


Through partnering with Websilk on this project, ACMEDA helped to create a website that catered to a broad audience, delivering a site that was visually stunning, well thought out in its user experience, functional in its product requirements and fully responsive across a wide range of devices.

ACMEDA now have a set of robust tools available to them, that they can use to edit, update, change and create content for their website moving forward. This will allow them to adapt to the changes in their markets and continue to innovate.