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Accessible Corporate Website Everybody at Websilk dug deep for this project. beyondblue performs great work and we wanted to exceed all expectations.


In one of the most competitive tendering processes in 2012, Websilk was very proud to be commissioned with the design and construction of the new beyondblue website.

beyondblue is in a unique situation of having its potential audience consist of the entire population of Australia, and yet having a critical responsibility to potentially vulnerable, at-risk people looking for help. This project called for a compassionate and thorough design approach to the home page and overall site design. beyondblue would need to leverage Websilk's demonstrated capability for accessible site design and integration with backend solutions.


The home page design provides multiple opportunities for potentially at-risk or vulnerable customers to identify with.  They can see exactly where they can get help and feel understood and not feel alone.

  • We use a larger than normal font, to make the site easy to read
  • The site banner has emergency access numbers, where people can have immediate contact
  • The site's first headline emphasises that you're not alone: 3 million Australians are living with depression and / or anxiety
  • The site immediately emphasises its purpose by providing the opportunity to: Learn about depression, Learn about anxiety, or Connect with others
  • Faces are used throughout the design because people identify most strongly with people like them
    • Faces of ambassadors are used to normalise depression and anxiety
    • Faces of multiple demographic and social groups are used to provide an additional means of self-identification
  • Means by which people can communicate and connect with others are then presented
  • A real-time counter showing just how many Facebook fans are connected with beyondblue, normalises and lessens the feeling of loneliness
  • The mega-footer provides an additional summary of options for immediate help, as well as direct links into the site's content and forums.

The same care and attention has been lavished on several important customer journeys, as well as the entire information architecture and the accessibility of the website.

Multiple points of integration were required:

  • to the donations management system
  • to a digital asset management system
  • to an internal moderation system

Moreover, significant numbers of custom controls, modules and customised behaviours, needed to be developed. Migration of data and a large volume of existing content also needed to be converted and reincorporated into the new site.


Websilk's design was validated through stratified usability testing by a third party consultancy. The results of this study completely supported Websilk's approach.

Websilk completed this complex project on-time, on-budget and exceeded all expectations.

Websilk are proud to continue working with beyondblue on subsequent projects.