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Independent Broad-based Anti-corruption Commission

Corporate Website Increasing user engagement while supporting evolving organisational needs was the outcome delivered for this Victorian government agency.


IBAC is a Victorian government department that formed by legislative proclamation in early 2013. Websilk completed the inaugural IBAC website with a complete turnkey solution that securely integrated with their sensitive back-end systems.

The needs of IBAC and its website audience evolved a lot in the ensuing two years. IBAC identified the following emerging challenges:

  • Understanding how users engaged with the website
  • Updating visual design to better communicate IBAC’s brand
  • Enabling website access in mobile contexts
  • Re-architecting the website for new content
  • Delivering a simple and engaging experience for website visitors

Websilk was commissioned to deliver IBAC a website update that increased user engagement across many contexts while supporting evolving organisational needs.


IBAC commissioned Websilk with the re-design, information architecture and update of the website. During the project discovery stage, Websilk engaged with IBAC staff to understand current organisational needs. Coupled with insights on website engagement, this was used to update information architecture, user experience and visual design, then implementation as a mobile-responsive solution. Security, privacy, accessibility, usability and delivery were also significant drivers for the department.


Websilk delivered the updated project with a high quality output. The IBAC project team is delighted with the result and the on-going personal support they receive from Websilk. IBAC's Communications Staff are now pursuing additional ways to maximise website engagement for their audiences.