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Behavioural Change Campaign Geoff’s Water Discovery HQ engages South East Water’s audience, encourages them to laugh, raises opportunities in a friendly and personalised manner


During former drought conditions, a certain number of households had used South East Water questionnaires in order to identify and estimate the impact of smarter ways to use water around the home. While the campaign had been rather successful in reducing water usage in drought conditions, filling in the paperwork had been cumbersome. Outside drought conditions, very few consumers were willing to engage in this level of effort.

South East Water desired to launch a new awareness raising and household engagement program, with the aim of enticing households into thinking through their current approach to water use around the home. South East Water wanted households to consider practical tips for water saving in order to help the household’s budget and in helping the environment.


Solution generation was a collaboration between South East Water and Websilk’s business analysts and creative design team. Websilk contributed significant domain analysis, user experience design, creative execution and iterative refinement.

The solution’s first pillar was to develop an engaging resource that would present to the householder smart water saving suggestions. The suggestions were based on the most practical of a list of known water saving opportunities.

To help drive action, households are presented the monetary benefit they would accrue by making the behavioural change. Presenting personalised estimates of savings based on modifying their current behaviour maximises the opportunity for a householder to buy into the potential change.

The user interface encourages householders to action through the introduction of a “to do list” mechanism, whereby householders have the opportunity to add a suggestion onto their “to do list”. The “to do list” can be saved, emailed or printed.

To provide concrete grounding in the subject matter, an interactive 3D house sits in the background, inviting householders to interact with it, spin it and zoom it. The interactive 3D house provides a decorative background and invites exploration and interaction.

The solution’s second pillar was the development of water saving calculators. A small handful of water savings calculators allows customers to rapidly generate a personalised calculation without further commitment.

The third pillar of the solution was the development of an animated character. Websilk carefully designed the character’s age, demeanour and other personal attributes in order to achieve a happy, knowledgeable and engaging character. The animated character is used as the host and anchor of the overall campaign website, as well as delivering concrete water savings tips to householders.

Websilk’s creative team defined the character, wrote the scripts, recorded the voice actor, blocked out the scenes, animated the cartoons and executed all post-production steps.


Geoff’s Water Discovery HQ engages South East Water’s audience, encourages them to laugh, raises opportunities in a friendly and personalised manner. It represents some of the best considered approaches for the creative execution of:

  • The urban water cycle
  • Water savings tips
  • Personalised recommendations for water savings
  • Operational savings when purchasing new household equipment