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The Social Research Centre

Corporate Website SRC's challenge was to display their diverse and complex business in a clear way to Federal, State and International bodies…


The Social Research Centre (SRC) is the leader in social science research within Australia, being a full service research agency exclusively focused on social and health research. SRC has well established links with academic and not for profit research agencies. SRC engages in large scale data collection, longitudinal surveys, population health research and other research into contemporary social issues.

SRC needed a website to clearly communicate their extensive experience, to support sales and tender responses to international bodies, federal and state government agencies and not for profit organisations. The main project challenge was to determine how to display their diverse and complex business in a clear way.


The website features a clean, simple design that is focused on the content. It particularly highlights SRC's experience across a range of topic areas, projects and capabilities. Most content in the site is cross-referenced ensuring that visitors are quickly able to find the detail they want, in the midst of the breadth of what the Social Research Centre has to offer.

The content focus of the site is driven by a refined tagging schema and elegant design. This allows SRC's marketers and researchers to frequently publish new articles to the website, while maintaining heavy cross-referencing between projects, expertise and publications.


SRC are delighted with the delivery and subsequent performance of their website. They are core advocates of Websilk's work.