Establishing strategic drivers and potential pathways to success is our first priority.

Strategy formation

Websilk engages clients at the level of strategy. The content and structure of these sessions are tailored specifically for you and your circumstances. Their purpose is to understand your organisation, to understand your customer's motivations and drivers, and to understand the issues and challenges you need to address.

Many clients have entered our strategy sessions anticipating a particular approach, only to be delighted to find the strategy formation process resulting in a clearer, more inspiring, approach.

Our People

  • Luke Miceli - CEO, "Ideation"

    Luke is an irrepressible, enthusiastic idea generator with a fundamental grasp of business realities. Internally, he invests in and promotes the cultural blending of creativity and process-driven results.

  • Llewellyn Jenkins - Director, Sales and Technology, "Strategist"

    Llewellyn is an attentive strategist who thrives in the most complex accounts. He rapidly obtains understanding of client needs, and has an unrivalled understanding of solution delivery.