Websilk’s design studio engages creativity and design skill to create sites and apps that meet your need.


Information Architecture is an analytical and creative process where the information, actions and experiences you wish to communicate to your customer are mapped out. This gives us the blueprinting of your website or online platform. Our experienced information architects walk through multiple personas and use cases in order to design an appropriate size, scope and general layout of the solution.

Blueprinting results in the production of wireframes and site maps.

Wireframes are like blueprints for a house. They show the plan and elevation, giving you a sense for the direction in which the solution is heading.

Site maps provide a detailed listing of the size and location of your information and interaction points.

Creative design

Websilk's creative designers are exceptionally talented artists. They engage in a creative process that brings to life a personality and visual style that engage your customers.

We are passionate about using our creativity to empower your brand and your site.

For various clients, we have created:

  • branding elements – logos and branding style guides
  • website designs
  • 3D models and renderings
  • short videos

Your brand needs to communicate to your customers subtly and intuitively, expressing your internal values. We communicate this visually.

Interaction design

The web is an interactive medium. Beyond branding and visual style, websites and web apps need to behave appropriately.

Our experienced interaction designers attend to ensuring the experience is designed for your customers. We can ensure the interaction is usable, accessible, and is designed for every device.

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