Websilk uses proven analytics and the latest online techniques to enhance our customers' online performance.

SEO & SEM industry leaders

Websilk customers can access our exclusive traffic building services. We employ proven techniques to build traffic through search engine optimisation (SEO) and both organic and paid search engine marketing (SEM).

Our traffic building service demonstrates its success through driving our Mintleaf Studio brand to the number one natural search position for the ultra-competitive keywords: “web agency”, “digital agency”, “web design” and “application development”. During 2012 Websilk exclusively relied on our own traffic building service to generate all leads for Websilk. We delight in leveraging these same skills for our treasured customers.

Website conversion optimisation

While our standard design and development significantly improves website performance, significantly greater performance can be found through in-use optimisation techniques. Websilk analyses and monitors the key conversion pathways, inserting alternative calls to action, element positioning and targeted revisions in order to bring about significant, measurable performance improvements – given the same number of leads.

Social engagement

The rise of social media enables organisations to have conversations, engage, and build relationships with their target market.

Far beyond just another marketing channel, social media enables people within organisations to create communications that encourage feedback, participation, and brand loyalty. This allows you to reach and energise new and old audiences.

Websilk leads you through the design process for social media engagement, ensuring that the social dimension of your web presence is compelling. We can then develop and implement high profile campaigns to reach target audiences, gain awareness and garner support for your brand.

Behavioural modelling

Behavioural modelling enables the development of integrated campaigns, using multiple touch-points, to present personalised messages based on previously-exhibited behaviour.

Websilk analysts develop statistical models based on a behavioural profile, segmenting offers and targeting personalisation towards specific profiles. They can then monitor response rates and optimise the underlying offers.

Websilk combines on-site and off-site techniques to enhance effectiveness. The greatest insights and actions are available when Websilk's relevance optimisation is employed across multiple campaigns, enabling highly detailed behavioural models to achieve greatest success.