Development is just the first step. Websilk stands ready to assist you to capitalise on your web infrastructure long into the future.

Hosting & network monitoring

Websilk optionally offers website hosting and monitoring services, to ensure maximum availability and performance.

Websilk provides tier 1 hosting options for our clients. The hosting infrastructure is positioned in Melbourne and Sydney locations, making it an ideal environment to ensure business continuity for hosting your online presence.

The infrastructure is configured to be highly available, scalable and secure. Our solutions typically include:

  • Access to highly available compute, storage and memory for Windows based virtual machines
  • All Microsoft and VMware licensing
  • Nightly image level backups to a physically separate storage appliance
  • Ability for clients to scale the hosted environment on demand

Rapid incident response

Our specialists work to pre-empt problems. But when issues do arise, our staff respond with urgency to diagnose and eliminate the issues.

Planned and on-demand support

Websilk maintains responsive support services to assist your organisation's needs. Our trained staff are fully equipped to brainstorm, provide advice, diagnose issues and provide remedies. We are experienced at guiding your organisation's users through the right steps to achieve their desired outcome.

Website enhancements

Many organisations make use of our capabilities to periodically enhance sites that we have developed. Some clients choose to outsource all updates to us. Others actively manage content, getting us involved when they need graphic design or additional programming. We stand ready to support all our productions into the future.


Many of our projects have content management system training built into it. This provides your organisation with the skills necessary to maintain and manage content.

As a world-leader in Sitefinity, we provide a scalable set of additional courses familiarising content managers, marketers and developers in getting the most out of this powerful, flexible tool.

We have the capability of developing custom training courses to suit your ongoing needs.

Our People

  • Stephen Pittman - Support Manager, "Dependable"

    Stephen has a complete understanding of our systems, and an outstanding desire to ensure your productivity is never blocked. He is the most helpful and technically adept individual you'll meet this year.

  • Support Team - "Diligent"

    The support team take great pride in ensuring the ongoing stability of your systems and ensuring you have all the tools you need to achieve your goals.