Reforming traffic solutions for a safer Australia

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Reforming safety

Tenix priority is about people’s safety. Tenix and Websilk collaborate to achieve this with building a dynamic relationship between people, process and technology through the rebirth of Tenix’s digital strategy and the new website.

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Using Empathy to provide better services

The key has always been a better understanding what the users are thinking, feeling, hearing and seeing that leads them to successfully interact with Tenix. We teamed up with the Tenix specialists to rapidly gather information and to specify the right user experience of the website. Among many other user experience techniques we used the empathy mapping to dig deep into the mindset of the users. We were able to shape the Tenix experience more human centered and the services more approachable.


Beyond technology: People

Shifting to more humane approach to technical services helps to bring the users closer and to provide better interactions. Through confident, humble and caring tone of our communication strategy we’re able to get the right people connected and help users to access the necessary information.


Impact driven solutions

We believe that telling stories about previous projects, case studies and past achievements is vital to provide helpful information about the services. It helps understand how to apply possible solutions to current problems. We’ve created a platform to access the Tenix success stories.