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Luke is a culture driven leader who places tremendous value on building and developing teams and relationships that are forged by trust.

Technical Director


Never will you meet a person who just wants to help you more than Turbo. He is wholly driven by the desire to help other people, and is always there 24/7 for our clients and our team, providing expert support on our products and systems.

Development Director


Papa can be found offering Nutella croissants on the hour throughout the office but his main focus is helping support his team to deliver exceptional solutions. His experience in interpreting briefs, crafting and implementing ground-breaking digital products is the engine room of Websilk’s development team.

Creative Director


Ryan is a family man and has two families, one at home and another at Websilk. When you work with Ryan you become part of his family, which means you will feel genuinely care for.

Frontend Specialist


Vince is known in the office for his no nonsense attitude and approach to work, yet loveable sense of humour. He excels in designing and developing user interface solutions and working closely with designers and research teams to understand user engagement.

Development Lead


James’ sense of adventure is not confined to his personal life as he brings that same spirit and passion for learning and experimenting to the Websilk team and our clients projects.

UI Developer


Martina has a calming presence that helps the Websilk team and our clients to bond together in solving complex challenges. Martina lives and breathes the design of user interfaces and continues to impress us with her drive to learn.

Account Director


If it's help you need, it's Sam you ask. Sam's cololurful history and life experiences have equipped him with the right mix of creativity and pure drive. Any place, any time, he will respond with energy, ideas, and care to support his teammates and clients in any way they need him.



Wes not only leads on the most complex of projects, trains our other team members, but is skilled in business analysis, solution architecture, cloud services, API development, technical document, client liaison and software engineering.

Design Director


As Design Director at Websilk, Tim helps tackle complex design problems through a multi-faceted lens of design and systems-based thinking. He brings a wealth of leadership experience to the table, and he breathes life into every project that comes his way.



Zayne enjoys working on a variety of technologies and all layers of the development stacks from databases, through to front-end frameworks and API development. His experience working with clients across many different industries and solving problems using an array of different technologies make him uniquely adaptable to delivering solutions to any client.

We come to work with a smile. To create change, together.



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