Co-designing the future of Australian Teachers’ growth

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We're proud to be nominated as Progress Sitefinity 2017 website of the year finalist.

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For a great outcome, it takes a great team

AITSL, MELD and Websilk joined forces to deliver a digital strategy and implementation plan so that the needs of AITSL’s audience are thoroughly understood and their experience is greatly improved. All experience is brand experience, so experiences for both AITSL and its audience is equally important – that’s why we focused on the organisation’s experience as a totality rather than fragmented project.

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A knowledge-kit to equip AITSL navigating through the implementation phase

We listened, understood and co-created the solution. This has been a common pattern throughout projects to get to the solution for challenges. Within 14 weeks we did 2 organisation-wide workshops, 9 interview sessions across 14 staff, an online survey of 260 visitors, 6 online research activities and had over 1,000 IA study participants.

The result was a knowledge-kit containing planned user stories, IA recommendations, sets of wireframes, a refreshed style guide and publishing workflow recommendations.

It’s important to have a goal for the journey toward; but above that, it is a positive journey experience that matters

Through understanding the current state journey that we mapped in our process, we co-created the future state journey map which will bring many opportunities for AITSL as an organisation to deliver outstanding experiences to it’s audiences in the market place.

The new website: Making the complex simple and intuitive

The challenge of the new website was to take a complex system of standards, career stages, focus areas and teaching domains and synthesise it into a fully self-managed library that is easy to navigate so that teachers can find the information they need.

By harnessing Sitefinity’s capabilities, we've designed an entire system of the resources library that able to express itself in a series of content widgets that can be used anywhere on the site (consistently) to promote and facilitate the crafting of tailored content.


The project has shifted how the organisation thinks. How AITSL thinks about the challenges and how collaboratively AITSL can solve them. Only through collaboration with MELD STUDIOS, we could pierce through the complexity and simplify the challenges into distilled design principles.

These principles reflect the state that AITSL want to become in the future. Manifested through the website, these principles will help AITSL to be the industry leader - led by example.

These design principles will help AITSL to see the problem, driving solution development from a new point of view. A point of view that focus on user’s outcomes.


2016 finalist for Design & Strategy category

In partnership with MELD STUDIOS and AITSL, we’re proud to be nominated as a finalist.