Co-designing the future of Australian Teachers’ growth

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To truly re-imagine the future, you have understand where you are.

In order to create a streamlined brand experience, we started by reviewing AITSL's current digital eco-system. Through a strong collaborative team process, AITSL, MELD and Websilk reviewed what made up AITSL’s digital presence, with special attention paid to the vast number of information based products & disparate assets.  This wide reaching approach helped us understand how the disparate parts of the organisation worked together underneath the AITSL brand banner.

This allowed us to re-imagine a future state where the AITSL eco-system as a whole was greater than the sum of its parts; one where aspects of the AITSL brand could leverage one another to create a streamlined brand experience for AITSL stakeholders.

hero-phase-2 IMG_7783

We listened, understood, and co-created the solution.

We undertook the Understand Phase in the form of a service design project. The service design project allowed all teams to immerse ourselves in an environment that’s sole focus was to make sense of the history and current state of the AITSL organisation.

This was done through extensive collaboration with AITSL stakeholders to listen, understand, co-create and re-imagine a future state. This included:

  • 2 organisation-wide workshops and ideation sessions
  • 20+ interview sessions across 14 staff and stakeholders
  • Online survey of 260 visitors 
  • 6 online research activities with over 1,000 study participants
  • Current and future state workshops

An output of immersing ourselves in the history of AITSL was a map of what the “current state” of AITSL looked like. This mapping clearly highlighted the reality of the business with areas that could be improved, as well as potential new areas to explore.

These new areas of exploration helped the team co-create a future state map detailing the ways in which AITSL could deliver new and improved experiences to both its stakeholders and audiences.


Making the complex simple and intuitive

By engaging in an understanding phase at the beginning of the project, we were able to grasp a deep historic understanding of AITSL as an organisation and allowed us to together explore how opportunities uncovered could become a tangible reality.

A key challenge for AITSL was to re-think how their resources were offered to website users. Their vast collection of resources had become overcomplicated and unruly – making it difficult for users to quickly search for, identify and consume relevant information.

To solve this challenge we synthesised an overarching data structure that promoted and supported grouping, navigation, findability and ease of use. The outcome of solving this challenge was two fold; the library of resources became significantly easier to manage internally at AITSL, and users found it much simpler to find and consume the resources they were interested in.


This project shifted how AITSL thinks about challenges.

In collaboration with Meld Studios, we pierced through the complexity and simplified challenges into distilled design principles. Principles that reflect the state that AITSL want to become in the future. These design principles are helping AITSL to see the problem and drive solution development from a new point of view; A point of view that focus on user outcomes.


2016 finalist for Design & Strategy category

In partnership with MELD STUDIOS and AITSL, we’re proud to be nominated as a finalist.