Crafting the membership experience for the Royal Australasian College of Physicians

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A unified membership self-service platform

The ultimate goal of My RACP is to add value to members by creating a unified experience across multiple touch points and activities.


Creating new experiences through lean UX approaches

Websilk & RACP worked collaboratively, iteratively, and in parallel, to deliver small chunks of tried and tested deliverables. A strong focus was placed on creating working prototypes to learn from real market feedback.

Keeping promises through understanding

Through the discovery process we learnt that being a member-driven organisation, RACP needed to re-align organisational promises with its members. Through this alignment, we can provide members with more focus and value on what the organisation has to offer.

We’ve learnt how to communicate a proactive, positive world view whereby we actively and visibly support our members in achieving their goals.

It’s crucial to understand the how and the why users engage with a platform, this sets the foundations for empowering them to manage their own experience and achieve their goals.

Ultimately, the goal is to create a greater sense of belonging for RACP members.


We've taken a modular development approach that allows My RACP to be personalised for members at all stages and events.