Empowering sponsors with personalisation

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We helped World Vision share positive impact that individual supporters are making in communities all around the world.

Transitioning from sponsoring a child to a whole community can bring about detachment and concern about how much one can help.  Our challenge was to help sponsors retain a personal connection with the community they are newly supporting, while reassuring progress throughout their sponsorship.

By using the personalisation feature in Sitefinity, we enabled World Vision's marketing team to serve different versions of a webpage to different audience groups. 


Exploring possibilities through co-design workshop

We conducted workshops with World Vision's digital and communications team to explored ways we could encourage continued support while sponsors transition from a child to community sponsorship.

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Through the co-design workshop we uncovered that the solution and the core communication points should be around the following:

- Fostering a personal connection with the community

- Communicating tangible impact

-Focusing on communities' lifestyle updates


Fostering a personal connection with the community

A one-to-one relationship

By representing communities through a development manager, we maintained personal connection with the community they are supporting.

Feeling closer to home

We used street view maps and local weather widgets to incline sponsors to feel like they are part of the community.


Communicating tangible impact

We unpacked clear community goals and field projects to assure supporters that they are able to make an impact to, not only to one child but, an entire community.


Focusing on communities' lifestyle updates

Rather than reporting on project milestones, we focused on lifestyle improvements of the people living in the communities. We ensured sponsors can view updates about how their contributions are increasingly creating impact.


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