Redefining the voice of Advance Care Planning Australia

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Beyond a health care planning: It's about a conversation of life

The goal of the new brand strategy is to drive´╗┐ more positive conversations that enable Australians to take control in making heartfelt choices for their health care through Advance Care Planning program.


A process made to encourage collaborations

A series of strategic and UX workshops allow us to gather meaningful insights from both real users and the core stakeholders. This process leads us to the primary insight: That at its heart, Advance Care Planning is a life-affirming care plan made for all. The young and the senior. The grandparents and the parents. All the people who care for their loved ones and their life.

Be open. Be ready. Be heard.

Beyond designing the new visual and verbal strategy, we took the essence of ACPA and turn them into three tangible experience attributes that will run deep into the core of the organisation both strategically and tactically.