The truth about UX

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‘UX’ is a hot buzzword these days, with many organisations tapping into the world of user-centricity. This interest in the field of UX gave birth to the UX agency, the UX consultant, and the UX specialist. But what is UX really about? Here’s the truth about what it actually means.

#1 Better experiences are everybody’s responsibility

If we’re being truthful to what UX is all about – discovering the user’s needs and answering them meaningfully – then it leads to the question: What makes a great UX agency? We believe the function of any great agency is to help its clients stay in touch with their audience, no matter the medium. Agencies help ensure their clients don’t lose touch with their audiences, so understanding what the user needs is really EVERYBODY’s purpose at heart (not just the design team’s). Although UX partners exist to help facilitate methods that discover insights and translate these into tangible action plans, it’s everybody’s responsibility to do this, and what’s more important than having a UX team is actually having a ‘UX culture’.

#2 The right mindset is better than the right tool

Tools and methods are designed to serve a purpose, but sometimes they can get in the way of accomplishing the goal. Every team is unique, so by letting them define the goals they will select the best tools to support them – not the other way around. What’s most important is how we can serve the user so they can successfully accomplish their goals and experience meaning in their life.

#3 UX is all about the user

UX is about empathising with the user, organisations are about answering their brand’s promise to their audience. But by merging the goals of the organisation with the needs of the user, so they are complementary and add value to each other, UX can create a meaningful evolution of business practices.

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The truth:

Adopting a good UX practice can help create incredible growth for an organisation.

UX is not top-down driven: it’s something that has to sit at the heart of an organisation.

UX is not a role: it’s a shared, mutual understanding of a mindset that inspires us to empower users through efficiency and meaningful experiences.