Partnering with World Vision Australia to share the vision

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When it matters, it takes teamwork

To create a platform that can react and respond to the market in real time is no easy feat. But that’s exactly what World Vision needed to attract new supporters and drive revenue. We did this by forming a dedicated project team and embedded ourselves with World Vision’s agile team to tackle the task.

World Vision Australia World Vision Australia

One website, 100 days

The challenge was to design and develop a new website in just 100 days. It was here that our philosophy and approach to collaboration really came to the fore; together as a unified team, we enabled World Vision Australia to achieve the strategic changes needed to make a real impact.

World Vision Australia

Turning Content Editors into Art Directors

World Vision engages its audience through inspiring stories, so we prioritised the reading experience and made it more immersive for them. We created a series of responsive digital storytelling elements that embodied the brand’s visual language and were easy to use by editors. By creating these elements we allowed the editors to focus on crafting the narratives – rather than worry about appearances – and tell stories in more impactful ways that would encourage people to engage and act.