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JB's wear

Corporate Website & Shop JB's wear has one of the largest ranges and varieties of corporate and work wear in Australia. They required a site with well thought out user flow that showcased their entire range of products in the most simple format


JB’s wear approached Websilk with the complex task of tying together a suite of issues that their current site was facing. This issues ranged from site instability, problematic search functionality, an outdated site design and the task of maintaining a large and varied product database with no logical user experience flow for the audience.



Websilk investigated the way the site worked in its original state and devised a clever cataloguing system that cross referenced products – allowing them to be displayed in multiple locations on the site. This cataloguing functionality minimised the time it took customers to navigate through the site and locate the item they were searching for. 



Upon delivery of the website JB’s wear was pleased to report instant positive feedback from retailers on the way the site was now functioning including additional feedback on how modern the websites design looked and how intuitive the new catalogue system was.