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MW Wines

Commercial Over 15 years, MW Wines invested more than a million dollars in the development of a custom ERP application. When it needed to be web-enabled, MW Wines turned to Websilk


MW Wines is an independent supplier of old and rare fine wines. MW Wines has grown to be one of Australia's premier suppliers of fine wines to both trade and retail markets in Australia and abroad. MW Wines believes strongly in providing passionate wine consumers with a wine range and customer service beyond that available in Australia's major chains.

Over 15 years, MW Wines invested more than a million dollars in the development of a custom ERP application, especially designed for MW Wines' unique business model. When a prior project failed to deliver a workable website integrated with their customised backend system, MW Wines turned to Websilk.

MW Wines needed to modernise its identity in order to reveal its premium approach to it's customers. The website needed to be easy to use, and to include a real-time wine shop, from which customers can easily make purchases and be assured their order would be fulfilled (no matter how scarce the wine).


Websilk designed a new, more modern logo, which through a clever use of negative space, communicates quality and sophistication while being streamlined and elegant. The website itself is well structured and easy to use.

The shopping experience was created to include a range of business requirements.  An example is the 'shopping cart timer and reset'.  This was built as often there may only be one item in stock and therefore it can only be reserved in a buyers cart for a limited time.  This allows other buyers the opportunity to see the wine if it is not purchased in the designated time allowed in a buyers cart.  Once this time has expired the wine then becomes available again in the inventory system, which ensures that valuable opportunities are not missed because wines may be suspended for long periods in another buyers cart.

The core system was built to be fully integrated with MW wines proprietary back-end systems. 


Nick Stamford, passionate wine collector and the owner of MW Wines, is only too keen to recommend Websilk:

Websilk managed to produce a fantastic web presence for our business, and it integrates in real time with our proprietary backend. I can't recommend Websilk highly enough for any project that requires a precise front-end integrated with a customised back-end.

Following this initial engagement, MW Wines entrusted Websilk with the development of a web-based auction system for the sale of wines during monthly held web auctions.