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Rio Tinto

eLearning Portal With graphical simulations and closed question sets, the eLearning system tested and retested participants, until they successfully acquired the safety knowledge


Rio Tinto identified the need for a workplace safety eTraining system. The system would familiarise prospective contractors with safety principles, processes and practices. Contractors would need to have strong working safety knowledge and safe behaviours, while working on Rio Tinto worksites. And Rio Tinto needed the system quickly.


Websilk conceived a scenario-based solution, which walked the prospective contractors through a day in the life on a work site at Rio Tinto. The system walked the contractors through various scenarios that included:

  • what would they do?
  • where would they go?
  • who would they report to?

The system utilised graphical simulations as well as closed set questions and answers. The system incorporated targeted training and assessment, complete with retesting and retraining, until the contractors were assessed as competent with all safety practices.


The project was completed under a tight time frame, and delivered to a standard that delighted Rio Tinto’s management. Management was so impressed they demonstrated the system internationally.